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Privacy Policy

ASAP Holidays and all the employees of ASAP Holidays understand and recognizes the gravity of privacy of the visitors/customers/users of the website and value to maintain the trust and confidentiality of the information provided by the user in any or all steps while using the website or while making the booking with us. We request the users/visitors of our website to have a detail look at the privacy policies practiced by the website and our executives while doing business with you. Kindly be noted that the privacy policies of ASAP Holidays are subject to change without any prior notice. In order to stay aware of any changes/additions in our policies we request you to kindly reviewing the privacy policies on periodic intervals.

1. Collection of Personal Data

Any/all information collected by the ASAP Holidays from the user is to serve our sole purpose of providing an unparalleled experience and to give the users a friendly experience. This information includes but not limit to the name of the user, contact number, email ID, demographic details, geographical details, travel preferences, meal preferences and more while you inquire, make booking and participate in any sort of program, promotional event, quiz, survey and other activities or register with us for special promotional offers.

However, when it comes to sensitive information such as banking details, credit card/debit card number, OTP and more, this information is directly sent to the bank and we don't access/store the information. Also, a user can choose not to give away any sort of information to us and can opt out from our services anytime.

2. Usage of Location and Personal Information

ASAP Holidays would like to inform you that any information that we collect is to either notify you with our latest travel deals/offers, development in your travel bookings, change/alteration or cancellation of trip and other significant reasons that may require a contact detail of the user. Passenger related information gathered by us such as age of the passenger, meal preferences and other details are taken to make further arrangements and provide the necessary details to the airline/hotel provider and other activities provider.

Usage of your geographical position retrieved by the cookies are solely used to make your experience while using the website better. Also, we use the IP of the devices used by the users to ensure a better experience and analyze any sort of issue related with the usage, feel and operations if found. On some cases, we ask you to fill up a feedback or survey form to get some quality feedback from the user’s perspective and make ourselves a better and more customer- oriented travel agency.

3. Sharing User Identity and Information

We share the identity and other details of the user with our entities, affiliated suppliers and necessary service providers in order to give you a hassle-free experience whilst to keep a safeguard against any fraud, illegal activity, theft of identity and other acts that are against the law and considered illegal. This include but not limited to the prevention of any misuse of the identity and image of ASAP Holidays during our seasonal promotions, events, campaigns and other promotional events. We may also disclose some basic information of our users while hiring a third-party service provider to conduct marketing survey, research of our customers, making our product better and other aspects that may help to develop the business and give the customers a better and friendly experience.

In addition, the details of the users/customers can be disclosed during the involvement of law and enforcement authorities by the order of court in relation to any legal process. We may also disclose the information of the user while conducting our business, indulging into internal audit process, business compliance and regulatory of our database. The details of a user can also be disclosed among the IT experts providing solutions to boost and strengthen our security system. Also, the details of the users/customers can be disclosed with the affiliated organizations, employees of the organization, executives of the company and associated people in the circumstances of having doubts and reasons of breaching of company's trust and disclosure of personal details by a person and identifying the source of the issue.

4. Hyperlinks of Other Websites

At the time of using ASAP Holidays or making your booking with us, the user may come across some hyperlinks that may lead you to some external website that may ask for personal information. Kindly note that ASAP Holidays does not take any responsibility and is not liable for the privacy policies and data security practices of these third-party websites. We highly recommend our users to kindly have a look at the privacy policies of these linked websites before proceeding further or sharing any sort of data with them.

5. Security Measures to Safeguard your Information

In order to make a safe and user-friendly website, our technology team have built a chain of security measures in many steps to prevent any data theft, misuse of information/website and tempering any sort of information trusted with us. At the time of submission of any sort of information by the user, we connect our website with a secured server to deliver the information directly to the secured location. At the time the information is submitted to the server, our technology team and our strict guidelines are here to protect your information from any illegitimate access.

6. Subscription Preferences

By booking with ASAP Holidays, making a query or subscribing for latest updates on news and deals, the user gives ASAP Holidays the right to use the information for promotional purpose. However, the user can opt-out from all such promotional and marketing services by simply getting in touch with the ASAP Holidays or following the procedure in the email, message and in other manners.

7. Queries and Questions

Users and customers of ASAP Holidays with questions, queries or doubts can get in touch with us by simply writing an email addressed to [email protected].

8. Advertisements on/by ASAP Holidays

To make our presence in the market and gather the exposure of potential customers, ASAP Holidays uses both in-house and third-party advertising companies. Such third-party advertising companies may use the information related with your visit to ASAP Holidays (except for the personal details and confidential data) along with other websites to generate more indulging advertisement and pitches that may attract more potential customers.

9. Cookies

At the time a user visit to the website of ASAP Holidays, a chunk of small digital information gets stored in the browsing device known as Cookies. This small information from cookies is stored in the hard drive of the device only to improve and personalize your every visit to our website. Please note that these cookies are never intended to store/extract any personal data in your devices and are solely used to make your browsing and booking experience with us better.

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