Phi Phi Islands

The combination of six beautiful islands, Phi Phi Islands or commonly known as Ko Phi Phi are one of the biggest attractions in the entire nation of Thailand. Featuring a gorgeous scene of nature with sandy beaches, palm-tree boardwalk, scenic resorts and panoramic waters, Ko Phi Phi is a luxurious way to ensure you have your dream beach getaway in Thailand. Featuring some great attractions including the famous viewpoint, Lane Beach, Yao Beach and more, you can have the best time of your life exploring the everlasting range of natural beauty and picturesque attributes. Furthermore, with a variety of adventurous activities, you can add some twist and thrill into your journey whilst spending your Thailand holidays in Phi Phi Islands.

Sanctuary of Truth

Arguably the most famous attraction in Pattaya and a massively religious place in the Thailand, Sanctuary of Truth or Prasat Sajja Tham is among the most tranquillizing places you can come across on your Thailand holidays. Featuring a massive variety of sculptures from Buddhist and Hindu Culture, this massive structure is entirely made out of woods and has given a masterpiece architecture that is simply spellbinding. Tourists often find themselves replenished with positive energy while visiting here and the panoramic backdrops makes this place an awe-inspiring attraction.

Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise is a wonderful hands-on museum designed to give a wonderful experience with loads of quirky stuff to enjoy with for the tourists. Featuring a range of 3-D paintings, sculptures and other artefacts, Art in Paradise is a spectacular place where you can go with your kids and spend an entire day taking pictures in and around these paintings and exhibitions. A notable attraction in Chiang Mai, Art in Paradise is a wonderful illusion art gallery that provide a stunning experience to leave the viewers in delusion and you will find yourself making people go crazy after showing the pictures you take during this tour.

Nong Nooch

Spread in an area of over 500 acres, Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is among the most beautiful and bewitching landscapes in the entire Thailand. Located in the Chonburi Province of Thailand, this massive chunk of landscape comprises a wonderful array of flora and fauna of the region and give tourists a spellbinding experience of strolling in fresh environment with gorgeous settings. The hues of the plains and slopes found here are really impeccable and will probably give you a feeling of having a stroll in heaven. Furthermore, the proximity from Pattaya city, this tropical garden will give you a refreshing delight during a blissful trip to Thailand.

Underwater World Pattaya

If you are into marine life and enjoy going to the aquariums, then going to Underwater World Pattaya will be a pleasant experience for you. The indoor aquarium in Pattaya houses a massive load of marine life and consist of a variety of flora and fauna found in the region. Giving a hospitable environment to the sea creatures and plants, this place offers a soothing walk across the 100 metres of underwater tunnels from where you can walk around and become a spectator of flourishing marine life of Thailand region. Furthermore, with a close proximity from the city centre of Pattaya, you can have delightful a few hours admiring the beauty of the underwater world.

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