Yala National Park

Sri Lanka has been a great destination for tourists to witness the magnificent wilderness of the Southeast Asia and if you are looking for some breath-taking experiences, then you must pay a visit to the famous Yala National Park. The place is quite popular among nature lovers of the Asian continent for being the home to a massive range of fauna and flora of the region including sloth bear, leopards, giant elephants and many more creatures. Furthermore, there are an abundant number of traces available of the cultural ruins in the region that can give you a glimpse of the past.

Dambulla Cave Temple

A famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Sri Lanka, Dambulla Cave Temple is a massive area featuring rock temples and noted as one of the sacred places found in the region. Locally known as the Golden Rock Temple, this area is made of giant granite rocks and consist of many fabulous attributes including small water stems dripping out of the main house. Furthermore the array of paintings on the walls are a great catch and offer a significant insight about the first sermon of Buddha. Presently, there is a famous Golden Temple Buddhist Museum available here that provides a wonderful insight and the entry gate itself is mind-blowing as it appears to be a mouth of a beast.

National Museum of Colombo

For history lovers and people are looking to dig deep in the culture and heritage of Sri Lanka, the National Museum will be one of the most fantastic places to start. Offering a significant amount of information about the history, culture and lifestyle of Sri Lanka, the National Museum consist of a massive array of relics from the past and culture of the region. Furthermore, being located in the heart of the capital of Sri Lanka, this place is easily accessible from all major parts of the city and provide a great insight about the evolution of native civilization.

Dutch Reformed Church

A prominent attraction of Galle region, known to be a piece of architecture inspired from Dutch civilization, the Dutch Reformed Church is a massive premises that is famous for being a historical building within the premises of the Galle Fort. Visited by hundreds of tourists and natives every year, this place treasures many significant facts about the region and you will be stumped by hearing the range of never-ending stories related to the dramatic past of the church. Both the interior and exterior of the church are really amazing and feature many quirky attributes. The proximity from capital also makes it perfect to visit and have some quality road trip during your Sri Lanka holidays.

St. Clairs Falls

Located at less than 80km away from the city of Kandy, the panoramic landscapes of St Clair Falls are one of the most panoramic and gorgeous natural scenes of the Sri Lanka. Featuring a relay of falls in the middle of the wilderness, this waterfall is all about picturesque views and gorgeous natural bliss. Visited by couples and families on their holidays in Sri Lanka, this place is widely popular among photographers and nature lovers. Visit here and get away from the chaotic markets and bustling streets of cities like Kandy and Colombo to make your day and have a quality time with your near and dear ones.

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