Tamarind Falls

When you are voyaging through the enigmatic lands of Mauritius, the Tamarind Waterfalls is a must visit attraction. Featuring the best views of the natural bliss, Tamarind Falls are known to be the best places to go as a couple and enjoy the dreamy spirits and aura available here. Located amidst the natural landscapes and dense forests and offers some astonishing adventurous activities including hiking, canyoneering, bird-watching, swimming and more. The waterfall is also locally famous as the seven cascades and is visited by thousands of tourists every month. The location of Tamarind Falls is also ideal in order to reach without facing much of an issue and one can easily reach here after a drive of less than an hour.

Albion Light House

Mauritius is all about great market places as well as spectacular beaches. But if there is one more thing that can lure your attention and give you a heavenly experience during your Mauritius holidays, it has to be the famous Albion Light House. This epic attraction has been a centre of attraction for tourists since its inception and giving away a blissful delight to its guests. With gorgeous surroundings and fantastic attributes, Albion provides a superlative pleasure and freshness to mind, body and soul. The proximity of Albion Lighthouse from Port Louis is also perfect and a drive of less than 30 minutes is sufficient to experience this peerless bliss.


The history of Mauritius is as dramatic as the beauty of the beaches. To understand a significant part of the heritage and history of Mauritius, you must pay a visit to the famous Mahebourg. This historical structure standing amidst the bustling cityscape is a major attraction for tourists on Mauritius holidays. The proximity from the beaches and surrounding of delicious food vendors makes it an ideal place to hang out during the evening and enjoy some quality hours with refreshing view and delicious delicacies from the Mauritian culture. The street food available here is really amazing and if you are looking for quality experiences with delicious food, this place will be worth your while.

Ilot Gabriel Beach

Located at the scenic shores of the famous Gabriel Island of Mauritius, Ilot Gabriel Beach is among the most naturally rich and unspoilt beaches in the region. Best known for its rawness, freshness and utter beauty, this beach is a must visit for off-beat explorers. Perfect for couples and avid photographers, Ilot Gabriel Beach is one of its own kind in the region and offers a splendid sunrise experience from the sandy and rocky shores. Furthermore, accessing this offbeat attraction is easy for tourists as plenty of transport options are available for Gabriel Island and from the ports to the beach.

Chamarel Coloured Earth

Here comes the quirky and unusual side of Mauritius that will leave you stumped and rub your eyes to believe the reality. This massive span of land of Chamarel Coloured Earth is one of the rarest scenes available on earth. With a span of land that is covered with seven different colours of sand, is definitely sufficient enough to attract your eyes and leave you in utter shock. Located on the southwestern shore of the Port Louis, this place is accessible with an hour of drive and will definitely give you all the reasons to justify that hour-long drive. The surroundings here are also really gorgeous and if you get out of the shock of this natural marvel, you will be able to admire everything about this place.

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