Disneyland Tokyo

Stretched in over 115 acres of area, the magnificent theme park of Tokyo Disneyland is one of the most promising and enthralling places in the region. Ideally famous for its variety of slides, rides and other activities, the park came into existence in the year 1983 and ever since, this place has been attracting thousands of visitors every month. With the connectivity and proximity from the city centre, tourists tend to visit here more than anything and spend a complete day of fun and quality experiences with kids. The range of rides, slides and activities available here are suitable for all age groups and have abundant variety of things to do within the premises.

Tokyo Tower

The famous Tokyo Tower is a prominent attraction in Japan, best known for being a high-rise observatory and communication tower. With the structure inspired from the Eiffel Tower, this orange and white tower was designed while keeping the regulation of air safety in the country. Presently, this place attracts hundreds of tourists on daily basis and provide a panoramic bird-eye view of the cityscape and the skyline of Tokyo. Furthermore, the proximity of Tokyo Tower from all the attractions across the city makes it an ideal attraction to go and visit. The two observation decks are at the height of 150 metres and 250 metres respectively.


Tokyo is famous for its nightlife and lifestyle experiences and if you are exploring the same, then your search is incomplete without visiting the famous Ginza. This promising shopping hub of Tokyo is a widely popular area across the country and houses a range of malls, markets, food joints, bars and restaurants. The nightlife here is amazing and with its close proximity from the business district as well as all major hotels across the city, Ginza makes an ideal place for both leisure and business travellers a quality place to spend a night in Tokyo with loads of fun, glamour and entertainment.

Ghibli Museum

Japanese animation has been famous across the world and if you are in Tokyo and have been a fan of this animation, then you have to pay a visit to the famous Ghibli Museum. This famous museum works for the famous Studio Ghibli and houses a massive range of exquisite art works in various arenas. Comprising three main museums including the Children's Museum, Technology Museum and Fine Art Museum, this place offers a deep insight about the techniques and artistic side of animation making process on both beginner and advance level. Kids can enjoy the best time here witnessing some of their most favourite anime characters in action.

Ueno Zoo

Japanese wilderness is really rich and equally diverse and if you are intrigued by the remarkable richness and vividness of the region, then you must visit to the famous Ueno Zoological Garden. Famous for housing a massive range of flora and fauna found in the entire country of Japan and beyond, this zoo is a delight to visit. Witness the lazy and adorable white pandas in action along with some of the most rare and interesting species of fauna including Asiatic Lions, Polar Bears, Red Foxes, Llama, hippos, crocodiles, turtles, black rhinoceroses and more in their natural habitat flourishing and enjoying their lives to the fullest.

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