Saraswati Temple

Visiting to the gorgeous Saraswati Temple on the Land of Gods Bali is an exciting experience to savour on the incredible spirituality and cultural beliefs. Locally known as the Pura Taman Saraswati, Saraswati Temple is a Balinese Hindu Temple located in the Ubud region of Bali. Incepted in the year 1952, this historical temple is a perfect amalgamation of world-class architecture and stunning beauty in the surrounding, enhancing the impact of the spirituality and religious beliefs manifolds. Furthermore, the temple is located around 3 hours of drive from the city of Bali and tourists love spending some quality time here soaking up some tranquillity and spiritual essence.

Ubud Monkey Forest

As per the ancient tales, Bali used to be the kingdom of Monkey Kings and emperors and many traces of the history can be found here. If you are looking forward for something more specific in the nature of Bali that can relate with the history of Bali, then you must visit to the famous Ubud Monkey Forest. This massive sanctuary is vaguely visited by thousands of tourists every month and gives them a stunning delight strolling in the dense wilderness of the region along with a great deal of insight about the flora and fauna found in the region. Located at less than 75km away from the city of Bali, this place is really a fun attraction and you must pay a visit here during your holidays in Bali.

Elephant Cave

Serving as a major sanctuary in Indonesia, Elephant Cave is a major attraction at a proximity from the Ubud region of Bali. Locally famous as Goa Gajah, this place is a massive complex with plenty of faces carved into stones at the front gate that is said to be warding off the evil or bad spirits. Enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 1995, Elephant Cave is now a major point of interest in the outskirts of Bali and has been witnessing a footfall of thousands of spirituality seekers and tourists from distinct parts of the world. The variety of statues placed inside the premises are really interesting and in order to enter the temple, one must follow the basic rules of the temple.

Tirta Empul

The famous Balinese temple of Tirta Empul is the most famous spiritual site of the region and is known to be a promising Balinese water temple at a proximity from the city in the Tampaksiring Town of Indonesia. Every year, thousands of pilgrims from around the world along with plenty of Balinese Hindus visit this place to have a quality time exploring the spiritual essence as well as perform the ritual of purification by taking a bathe in the holy spring waters inside the pools of this temple. It is said that the construction of the temple was done in 962 AD and ever since has been an area of interest for tourists as well as locals.

Mount Batur

The lands of Indonesia are really diverse and even consist of active volcanos. One of them is the famous Mount Batur volcano that been the centre of attraction for both nature and adventure lovers. The mountain is really beautiful along with its surroundings that makes the view of the valley an epic experience to have for couples and families. Furthermore, the trek here to the top of Mount Batur is also available for experienced trekkers with high precaution standards. The mountain is nearly 3 hours of drive away from the city and can offer some scenic experiences with loads of exciting attributes.

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