Victoria Peak

Locally famous as the Peak, the famous Victoria's Peak is one of the most exhilarating and gorgeous places in the entire municipal of Hong Kong. Giving the glimpse of the skyline of Hong Kong, this is the highest altitude point within the city and provide a magnificent view of the city especially in the evening. Furthermore, this place is also famous for the Madame Tussauds Museum, The Peak Tower and Sky Terrace 428 that are absolutely perfect to spend an entire day here and witness the cityscape view of Hong Kong in the night. The proximity of the Peak is also really perfect and you can easily gain your access using the Peak Tram available from various parts of the city.

Hong Kong Disneyland

It is impossible to think of a visit to Hong Kong and not paying a visit to the famous Hong Kong Disneyland. This gorgeous theme park is known to be among the finest of the continent and provide a great experience to the tourists from all age groups. A delight for families and people travelling with the kids, Disneyland Hong Kong is a picturesque delight that offers a range of rides, activities, screening of movies and much more. In addition, the proximity of Disneyland Hong Kong is really good from the city centre and you can spend an entire day here without being bored.

Ocean Park

If you are looking for a bit more adventurous and thrilling to do in Hong Kong with kids, then paying a visit to the Ocean Park is a perfect idea for you. Located on the shores of the Hong Kong Island, this gorgeous water park is among the finest theme parks in the region. The advanced technology used to create this theme park gives the tourists some extra fun as well as safety. Additionally, the variety of rides and activities designed specifically for kids are the highlight and you can give them all the freedom required to enjoy without being worried. The proximity of the theme park is perfect and you can easily visit here using the CityBus of Hong Kong.

Symphony of Lights

Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong is a major attraction for tourists and if you have this place in must visit attraction, we suggest you to go here in the evening, say around 8 PM. Once you reached, you will enjoy the world's largest permanent sound and light show from here. This place is visited by thousands of tourists on daily basis who gather around to witness the colourful light show coming from over 40 skyscrapers in sync along with beautiful sound and narratives that gives honour to the diversity and zealous spirit of the city of Hong Kong. You can easily reach down here by using the trains of Hong Kong and capture the beautiful show here with your near and dear ones.

Lantau Island

If you believe that Hong Kong is just about casinos, theme parks and nightlife and there is nothing to embrace about the natural beauty, then you must pay a brief visit to the famous Lantau Island. This gorgeous Island is widely popular among natural lovers for its outstanding ecological environment and cultural system. Take a cable car ride here and you will have the best time of your life by exploring the gorgeous views of the island and its villages. Though, there are many more ways to visit here, but if you like to enjoy the best experience, then getting into the Ngong Ping 360 cable car is the best option for you.

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