Eiffel Tower

Arguably one of the most recognized landmarks in the world, Eiffel Tower is an epic attraction in the most romantic city of the world as well as the capital of France, Paris. The awe-inspiring structure has been existing since late 19th century and has been attracting tourists from around the globe to showcase the massive heights of the architectural marvels of the era. Presently, this place is widely visited by thousands of people daily and giving them a spellbinding view of the city from the observatory deck. Furthermore, here you can enjoy the blissful lightshow on various occasions that is really gorgeous and panoramic.


A massive structure telling the story of brave Roman Empire, the fabulous Colosseum is one of the most magnificent and captivating attraction in the Italian capital Rome. Came into existence in the AD 96, this massive structure was designed to withhold the strength of over 80000 people in the sitting area and showcase the daredevil activities executed for gladiator contest. Furthermore, the place used to be the home to bewitching performances by the titans of the era and have showcased various hunting and battle re-enactments. Presently, Colosseum witnesses thousands of people visiting every month and giving them a piece of history in the form of tales spoken by the broken walls and deserted chambers located inside.

London Eye

For people looking to have the best of the scene of the British capital London, the best way to catch the most of it is by going to the London Eye. This massive giant wheel is a perfect place where you can go and have a quality time admiring the beauty of the city's skyline and providing a glimpse of skyscrapers located within the city. In addition, the relevance and beauty of the London Eye is impeccable and tourists enjoy spending their evenings amidst fellow voyagers here and experience the splendid light show and other activities available on daily basis.


Greek history is both massive and deep and if you are travelling across this stunning, gorgeous and historically rich nation on your holidays in Europe, then you must plan a visit to the magnificent Parthenon of Athens. This place used to be a famous temple of Greek Goddess "Athena" and presently known to be a massive tourist attraction. Came into existence in 432 BC, Parthenon is a gorgeous site that gives a deep insight about the culture and history of Greece as well as the architectural beauty of the rea. The classic Greek architecture of Parthenon is a legendary place that is located at a close proximity from the city and observes a footfall of thousands of tourists every month.


Every year, thousands of people go to the gorgeous nation of Iceland to enjoy the picturesque weather conditions and witness the famous Northern Lights in Reykjavik. However, if you are looking forward to have some more delightful experiences, then you must pay a visit to the famous Hallgrimskirkja. This is a promising landmark that is noted to be one of the most famous and incredible churches in the region and giving away a spellbinding experience through its giant and unique architecture as well as Gothic delights. This massive church standing with total 244 towers, Hallgrimskirkja is a unique piece of architecture itself and withholds a much greater significance in the history and culture of Iceland.

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