Taktsang Palphug Monastery

Probably the most famous picture among tourists searching to visit Bhutan on Instagram, Taktsang Palphug Monastery or commonly known as Tiger's Nest is one of the most promising and enthralling attractions of all time in the city of Paro, Bhutan. From adventure seekers to avid photographers, pilgrims and culture explorers, this place has attracted all of them from across the globe and have given them a bite of heavenly delight with its unique properties and spellbinding attributes. Located on the edge of the mountain at a proximity of 10km from the city of Paro, this is truly a must visit attraction for those planning to have a holiday in Bhutan.

Punakha Dzong

The palace of Punakha Dzong is a scenic palace located in the Punakha region, ideally famous for its picturesque surrounding and natural bliss. The massive architecture is really amazing and can strike your attention from a distance. Visiting here is a pleasant experience as you will be witnessing this gorgeous architecture in the middle of the confluence of Mo Chu and Po Chu River as well as the mountains in the backdrop. Furthermore, the proximity from Thimpu which is less than 75km, you can visit here in a day and explore every bit of it along with some time left for independent leisure.

Chele La

The passes in Bhutan are as scenic and divine as in the Ladakh region and beyond and if you are a true enthusiast of going across the roads on such high altitude then visiting Chele La will be a gorgeous experience for you. Located at an elevation of over 4000 metres, this place is a magnificent attraction with the views of Paro Valley and Haa valley along with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. In addition, this pass is located less than 40km away from the city of Paro and provides a great proximity as well as passage to the hamlet along with various landscapes to witness during your road trip.

Buddha Dordenma

Many photographers who are seeking to capture the pure essence of culture and heritage of Bhutan always pay a visit to the famous Buddha Dordenma. Among the finest attractions with loads of cultural and spiritual relevance among the natives as well as tourists, this place is a magical place for many reasons. The massive statue of Shakyamuni Buddha will be a great catch for you once you reach here and the surrounding of this place are really fabulous. The 170 feet tall house consist of this giant statue along with over 125000 small statues inside the premises. People visiting Thimpu always pay their visit to this spellbinding temple to witness the spirituality as well as the beliefs of locals in this sacred site.

Jigme Dorji National Park

Many people believe that Bhutan is all about mountains, Buddhist Temples and Monasteries, but if you are one of those who insist on exploring the wilderness, range of flora and fauna in the country you are visiting, then Jigme Dorji National Park will be the best catch for you. Located at nearly 4 hours of drive from the city centre of Thimphu, this stunning place is all about offering the majestic range of flora and fauna found in the region. Ranging from Snow Leopard to Bengal Tiger, Black Musk Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Sinsang and many more deadly creatures, this national park is a treasure of fauna found in this part of the world. Furthermore, the divine variety of bird species available here will leave you speechless.

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