Alleppey Backwaters

Kerala holds a soft spot among newlyweds and romantic travellers all thanks to the famous backwaters of Alleppey. Featuring houseboats, splendid backdrops and world-class luxurious experiences, Alleppey is all about romantic settings and splendid hospitality. If you have been thinking to go on a romantic trip to the land of gods, then visiting to Alleppey is a must. With its proximity from all major cities like Kochi, Kollam, Kannur, Kozhikode and more, this small town gives much more than just sightseeing experiences. Having a stop for at least one night is essential to savour on the luxurious and other peerless attributes of Venice of the East.


This small district of Kerala is a popular tourist destination for off-beat travellers voyaging across the sprawling backdrops of Kerala. Featuring waterfalls, caves, historical landscapes, resorts and an exotic wilderness, Wayanad is a stunning place to go and enjoy the serenity, freshness and purity of the nature. Being located on the borders of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, this place gives an exciting experience of visiting to the voyagers travelling from either of the state. Furthermore, the mountain area gives it a wonderful climate conditions and regardless of being in the southern part of India, you can enjoy the hill-station alike experience with exact weather conditions and even more romantic settings in Wayanad.


Often dubbed as the Little Venice by both domestic and international tourists, this small resort town on backwaters of Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is an absolute combination of natural serenity and luxurious experiences all at one place. With its perfect proximity from Alleppey, this town is frequently visited by the tourists who are voyaging across the Alleppey and looking forward for more subtle luxury and delights. Facilities like boating, fishing, swimming and other activities makes this place an absolute delight for families as well as couples seeking a quality time with their near and dears. Furthermore, birdwatchers are massively found here with their cameras to capture the sighting of rare species of birds like teals, cockoo, wild duck, herons and other migratory birds.

Poovar Island

Kerala is the state of backwaters, but if you are seeking a bit off-beat that can give you a bit of contrast of its nature yet the similar hue of the culture, then beaches of Poovar Island can be a perfect place for you. Visited by hundreds if not thousands of tourists every season, Poovar Island is an isolated beach with fewer crowd and unspoilt natural bliss. The view of sunset from here is impeccable and with attractions like the lighthouse and other picturesque beaches makes this place an exotic beach escapade for voyagers travelling across the Kerala. With its proximity from Trivandrum, this place makes an ideal hideout for a couple of days to enjoy some peaceful time away from the bustling crowds of tourists.


Spirituality seekers and people who enjoy exploring the culture and heritage of Kerala, Sabarimala can give them the exact glimpse of what they can find in the roots of the state. Often acknowledged as the Mecca of India, Sabarimala is a holy place where devotees from across the India travel and pay their respect to the supreme power. Visited by over 30 million pilgrims every year, this place is the largest pilgrimage in India and second largest in the world in terms of pilgrims and devotees gathering in the year.

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